April 5th, 2011



So...I have a lot of books.
According to BookCrossing, it's somewhere in the ballpark of 4,800 novels, volumes of manga, textbooks, art books and other fabulous tomes. I'm the first to admit that's a lot. (Although as Ariel so famously sang, "I want MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!") As I read through the books, the library is likely to shrink, but not by much, so every once and a while I go through and weed out the collection. Sometimes a title that looked interesting a year ago no longer appeals. Sometimes I'll find that I have duplicate copies of the same book; ridiculous, I know, but it happens! Sometimes I'll add several titles about the same topic to my wishlist at the same time, and wait and see what shows up on the book-swapping websites first. Over time, I can end up with three or four biographies of Elizabeth I, guides to watercolor painting, or whatnot. They aren't the same exact book, but they're all quite similar. Time to get rid of whichever book is the oldest or perhaps the least rigorously researched.

To do all this, I have to get all the books out into the open. (Usually they're kept in boxes or in piles scattered throughout the room.) That means I need a large open space that I can fill with mountains of books for several days, which no one else will disturb. I pretty much have to wait 'til my Mom's out of town, so I can take over the floor of her office for this purpose. Now that she's out in the South Pacific, I can do just that.

So I pulled boxes out of my closet and from under the bed and started sorting by author. I'll probably do two-three boxes a day 'til their all out, sort, and then re-box it all up. I realize this is pretty freakin' insane. I just keep telling myself that with all the variations on craziness out there, this is relatively harmless. Hopefully that's true...