April 9th, 2011

now - tough bitch.

New Work Hours at RHA

We're officially starting our new schedule at RHA now. Instead of the usual schedule of summers past (an RHA employee has to be in the office until nine every night) we're going to be open until four o'clock instead. After all, since there won't be any events it seems pretty unlikely that large numbers of people will want to see us.

I'm excited by the schedule because
A/ working 5-9 is a huge time sink. Good money, but no free time.
B/ Jeannie didn't want to work the evenings; she already wants to leave and if she had to put in more time, she'd probably just go.
C/ Yaaaaaaaaaay once school ends I'll be free Monday-Thursday! That's going to be AWESOME. California road trips for the win! (Eeew, I used 'for the win' in a sentence.)


On the other hand, the fact that we're no longer open in the evenings means that on Saturday and Sunday mornings, residents like to come in and yell at me because we're "never available" to give them what they need. I've already had several people come in and fuss, including one furious shrill woman who shrieks and screams whenever she comes in,even though it makes no difference because I can't help her. Gyaah. It's frustrating, especially when people say stuff like "I know it's not your fault, but SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM-"

Why waste my time and yours screaming when we both know I can't help you? Yeesh.

Ryan says I should just hang up on them if it's on the phone. That idea definitely has appeal...