April 22nd, 2011

piranha - coming up roses.

Second Interview with the Rosicrucian

I think that the second internship interview went well today.  It's so hard to tell sometimes!  My interviewer told me that as soon as I passed the background check, we could discuss scheduling...so that's a good sign, right?

It was a fun interview, at any rate.  We talked about Ancient Egypt, and the role of women in the New Kingdom. She also went over the intern program, and the sort of work it would entail - sounds like most of it is talking to elementary school kids about mummification, rather than handling artifacts.  Well, I gotta start somewhere!

When asked what my greatest weakness was - because interviewers always ask this - I answered that I have trouble speaking in a professional voice.  After all, I was hyper aware of that during the first interview, but no matter how I tried to avoid it, 'dude' and 'that's cool!' and 'Awesome!' creep into my sentences.   She laughed and said we all seem to be a little more casual in California.  So hopefully, that was considered a good answer.  I mean, I'll be talking to kids, right?  Surely a informal speaking voice won't be a problem in that context.

One awkward thing was that after she briefly introduced the program, she immediately told me about the dress code.  It turned out that virtually every item of clothing I was wearing violated it.  How awkward.  Tops are to be white and collared.  I was wearing a black scoopneck top under a tailored green jacket.  Skirts or pants are to be khaki.  I was wearing a patterned white skirt.  Shoes are to be black or brown, and close-toed.  I was wearing open-toed sandals with a wedge heel.  I looked incredibly cute, if I do say so myself - but also completely inappropriate.  Oops.

The one thing I should have brought up, but didn't, was that I had some experience with event planning thanks to the many parties Lush did when I was there, but whatever.  Since the Rosicrucian has workshops and events almost every weekend, it's the sort of expertise that would be worthwhile to mention.

Oops twice.  Just realized I forgot to send my interviewer a thank you note for the two interviews.  I'll get on that tonight.

But despite all that, I think the interview went well.  Hopefully I'll hear from the museum soon...I mean, they made me buy a $20 membership so one would hope that means I've got the position once the formal background check is completed!