May 12th, 2011


So, so so so so screwed.

Oh crap.
I screwed up really badly this time.

So I have this anthropology paper I need to write about the origin of farming. I should have started it weeks ago, because I've known my topic since mid-March, but I've been busy and/or lazy and only just got around to procuring the research materials today. I thought it was due next week; that's plenty of time to read a couple of books and write everything up.

Except for this: the paper was due TODAY.
I got to class, sat down, and realized that everyone around me was pulling out their completed papers to turn in. It was like a punch to the stomach: instant panic.

Naturally, I couldn't interrupt class with a personal issue like this, so I stayed quiet and took notes like normal, but in the back of my mind I was desperately scrabbling to remember what the teacher's exact policy on late papers was. As he was winding down the lecture, I looked over the syllabus and found out that I could turn the paper in on any day up to May 23rd.
Sure, I'd have to take a 25% reduction on the paper - meaning at best, I would get a C, which would surely drag my grade down - but at least I can turn it in. Such a relief.

Also, how could I space on the date so bad? I feel like such an idiot.
An idiot that needs to get busy on studying about early agriculture.

Peace out.