May 13th, 2011

kid - the princess screams.

Pimsleur's Italian Lessons Are Creepy

In preparation for my time in Florence, I've been listening to Pimsleur's "Conversational Italian" audio CDs. As far as learning key phrases, it seems to be working out OK, but man, the CDs are CREEPY.

So there are two speakers: a male voice and the female voice. The male voice always seems to be hitting on the female speaker. He doesn't sound all that young, so it's really creepy when he calls out "Scusi signorina!" and launch into conversations with women who never seem to know who he is. In one coversation, the lady answers his questions politely, but the minute she sees someone she knows she runs away, cutting him off mid-conversation. In another one, she has to tell him NO I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOU like twenty times before finally exclaiming in disgust, "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ITALIAN."

I mean, I've heard that Italian men are very persistent so I might need to know ten different ways to say, "NO THANKS" but geez, it's a really awkward way to learn a language!

At least the audio CDs beat using a phrasebook, if I can manage to remember any of this when I'm actually in Italy.