May 14th, 2011

kid - shuu-chan.

Two Good Things

First Good Thing
The other day, Sean and I went to Target. Our checkout basket consisted of the following:
- One pair of adult mens' pajamas covered in "Perry the Platypus" faces
- One t-shirt with "Perry the Platypus" in silhouette from the little boy's section (but for me)
- Three boxes of Phineas and Ferb Mac 'n' Cheese; two of the boxes had Perry on them

I promise it wasn't intentional. We didn't realize we had all P&F items until we were checking out! But it was pretty cool.


Second Good Thing
I officially heard back from the Rosicrucian Museum today and I am accepted into the internship program. I won't start until I get back from Florence in mid-July, but that's probably a good thing, since school's keeping me crazy busy right now. But YAY! I'M GONNA WORK IN THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM!!!
...for free. Le sigh. I wish that paid museum internships weren't as mythological as King Tut's curse.