May 25th, 2011

now - smile.

Travel Plans

It sure is a glorious thing to be out of school. I love how relaxed I feel without homework or exams nagging at the back fo my mind.

I've been cleaning up my room - which had fallen to shambles during the last month or two (or three) - and doing laundry and all that fun stuff. But most of my attention, of late, has been diverted to planning my upcoming European vacation.

Florence isn't so bad. School has programmed most of my activities anyway. There are only two days that I have free, and I want to do a day trip to a city outside Florence. Right now, I'm leaning toward Siena for one day, and Pisa (it is the quintessential tourist trap, after all!) If I can figure out how to get there, I'd like to see Volterra, but I'm not sure how I can get there from Florence. I'm also really interested in Arezzo, but so far it doesn't seem like any of my classmates are interested in that city, and I'm not sure I want to go off completely alone.

The trouble is, it seems like most of my classmates are leaning toward Rome. Don't get me wrong, Rome's amazing to be sure - I mean, it's friggin' ROME - but it's really too big to see in a single day, and I don't like the idea of rushing through on a "greatest hits" tour. I'd much rather save Rome for another visit, when I can really enjoy the city and take my time at the sites instead of running around like a headless chicken. At this rate, I probably won't know where I'm going until the night before my free day!

London's harder, because I have to plan everything, but also easier, because I've been there before. It looks like Seanie and I will be doing a mix of activities - some new, some old. I like that when we visit I can do a lot of the "touristy" stuff that my parents were too dignified to bother with. We'll visit Madame Tussaud and the London Dungeon; we'll and ride the London Eye. I've signed us up for a bus tour that will visit Stonehenge, Avebury, and several "cute" English villages. It should be fun; I'm really looking forward to the trip.