July 27th, 2011

piranha - digi-vision.

Shirt War

Last Wednesday, as I was helping Seanie unpack from his move, the doorbell rang. His brother Terry came in carrying a collared, long-sleeved shirt.
"Here, Sean," Terry said, "This is for you." Apparently, it didn't fit him, but he thought it would fit his younger brother (Seanie is both taller and *probably* broader than Terry).
No good. The shirt didn't really fit Seanie - it was too tight in the shoulders and sleeves. Seanie tried to give it back, but Terry refused.
"Dude, it's your problem now!" he complained. After a few minutes of verbal tussling between the two brothers, Terry reluctantly took the shirt back and left for work.

About an hour later, Seanie gets a text message from Terry him, telling him to check his car. Seanie did, and lo and behold Terry had tossed the shirt onto the passenger seat! (Lesson: ALWAYS lock your car doors!) We stared at the shirt for a few minutes, and then decided to take it back to Terry's house. Later that afternoon, we drove over and left it on Terry's front porch. We sent him a text message letting him know that he needed to keep it because Arlo (his infant son) would eventually grow into it.

And that was that.
Or so we thought.


Yesterday, Seanie and I came back to the house and found a large box waiting for him. We were both confused - he hadn't ordered anything and wasn't expecting any packages. Then we noticed that the return address was his uncle's business...where Terry works.

We opened up the box and sandwiched between two pieces of foam was the shirt. Sean was both horrified and overjoyed that Terry had gone to the trouble of mailing the shirt back to him - but now it was a challenge. Obviously, we had to get the shirt back to Terry, but we had to do it in a way that would totally top mailing it.

So here's what we did:

The shirt and the box it came in. First, I took one of the pieces of foam and shoved it up inside the shirt, which gave it a nice, padded look. Almost like a torso, wouldn't you say? Then I sent Seanie inside to retrieve a pair of shorts he'd torn the day before, a pair of scissors, and a Sharpie.

Cutting a round piece of cardboard out of the side of the box, I made a head and drew a face on it. Then I dug the neck into one end of the foam torso, and pulled the ripped shorts over the other side. A quick little note was written to Terry, and our new shirt-wearing dummy was ready to go.
(The inside of the note reads "I MISSED YOU..." The overall effect is very creepy when combined with THAT face.)

Close-up of the face. ISN'T IT CREEPY?

We loaded the dummy into Seanie's car and drove out to Terry's work. It's not far from Seanie's new place - maybe fifteen minutes. See, Seanie knew that his brother usually left his car unlocked, with his windows rolled down. His Scout is bright orange, too, so after driving in a loop around the parking lot, we found it. Seanie parked his car a few rows away, and we grabbed the dummy.
We snuck over to Terry's car and set the dummy up in the driver's seat.

Me 'n' the dummy.

Then we drove away.
A few hours later, we were still waiting to hear back from Terry. It was perhaps twenty minutes before Terry would get off work. To ramp up the excitement, Seanie sent him a text message right then to make it seem as if he'd just recieved the box. That way, Terry would be feeling especially smug as he went out to his car, thinking about what a great prank he'd pulled on his little brother.

The twenty minutes came and went.
Then, Terry suddenly began an explosion of text messages:
"You guys are fast!"
"I am still creeped out. The note was the killer."

And later..

"I really do have butterflies in my tummy that lil guy really creeps me out"
"Were gonna get ya. Now that Rhi is on board."


I can't wait to see what he does for revenge.