September 3rd, 2011

piranha - chomp.

RHA's super-slow; Seanie makes burgers.

Newbie #5 came in today for a second day of training. She wasn't at work too long, maybe three hours or so. Not a bad choice on her part. I did not have a single person come into the office during my entire shift. I think, at maximum, we answered five phone calls throughout the entire day. So, RHA, each phone call cost you about $30 just in employee paychecks. Was it worth it?
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm so glad to have this job, but I can't help but wonder how necessary my presence in the office really is...

After work I went over to Seanie's house, where he made hamburgers for the first time. They turned out pretty well, especially when you consider that the poor guy only has one 8" frying pan and one tiny pot - more of a saucepan, really - for cooking. I mean, he has an oven and a stovetop, but really - he's working with the barest essentials. He really does take good care of me, though. Those burgers were tasty. He'll make a great house husband.