September 13th, 2011

piranha - kissing mirrors.

Photography on display! (Not mine.)

My friend Marianna had a bunch of her photographs from Florence on display at the Black Gallery on campus this week. Tonight she had a reception so I popped by to check things out. It's always amazing to me how she and other photography students can use the same camera as I do but have such vastly different results.

Marianna's focus in her gallery was night photography. This is especially interesting to me because the camera I have takes horrible night photos - it simply wasn't built for that purpose. (I learned this the hard way in Florence; very frustrating it was.) So it's really cool to see her photos because everything just looks so crisp and clean and dramatic in a way that my camera doesn't capture.

Marianna had also baked a ton of delicious cookies for the reception; it's amazing how college students will come pouring out of the woodwork when there's free food to be had. The way things were set up, though, a lot of the kids didn't realize the cookies were part of the gallery, so they'd grab a cookie and walk off. It was kinda funny. "Random cookies with no sign to indicate what they're for! I'll just take some!" People are so weird...