September 28th, 2011

piranha - obviously everything is fine.

Glass Float (Why do they call it that? I'd call it a globe, personally.)

Yesterday Jeannie picked up the glass floats that we made at Bay Area Glass Institute last week.

Mine turned out pretty cool-looking, if I do say so myself:

Alas, it's slightly lopsided.  Figures, though...everything I make turns out lopsided, I think!  I was hoping that layering the purple glass over the amber would result in a tortoiseshell effect, but as you can see it really didn't turn out that way.  No
matter.  I still think it looks really cool.  There's a neat swirl on the bottom.  When the globe is indoors, the glass looks more like a smoky greyish color rather than amber, but I like that about it, too.