September 30th, 2011

piranha - don't think about it tomorrow.

I'd say I'm not a bad driver, but no one would believe me.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was pulling out of the parking lot at the Ohlone-Chenowyth lightrail station, I accidentally bumped into the car in front of me.  I thought my foot was on the brake, but I must not have been pressing it down all the way because I looked left to check the oncoming traffic and BAM the whole car shakes. 

So the girl in the car in front of me pulls over, and I follow.  She's young - maybe eighteen or nineteen - and probably a student at San Jose State, like me.  Since my car was moving at a maximum of five miles an hour - or whatever speed cars move at when you haven't got your foot on the gas - there wasn't really any damage.  Maybe some minor scratches.  But I felt really bad about the whole thing.  We exchanged phone numbers and she said she'd call if there were any problems, and I haven't heard from her so I that's a good thing.

But I still feel bad about it.

I've actually been pretty lucky in terms of car incidents.  I had a major accident a couple of months after I got my license (and got all emo about it, according to LJ), but the woman I hit was nice about it and the insurance settled everything.  The second time a car quit on me, it erupted into smoke and flames...but I was unhurt, and a kindhearted Samaritan stopped to check on me.  Since then, I haven't had any major problems.  The last incident was nearly identical to this one; preoccupied thinking about a midterm, I tapped the car in front of me as I was waiting to turn right.  That woman (with her kid in the backseat) was pretty laid back; she took my number and told me she'd call after talking to her husband, and I never heard from her again.

Let's hope this came be just like last time.