October 12th, 2011

piranha - violently blue.

I hate having multiple exams in the same day.

Thank goodness today is (mostly) over.
I had two midterms today, one in East Meets West and one in Cultural Anthropology.

I'm not sure how I did on the first one. East Meets West is a hard class about an unfamiliar topic; today's test largely featured the Sasanians and the beginning of the Islamic empire, which I know very little about. I mean, I had the slides memorized and I think I got *most* of the information right, but I'm not confident about my answers to the essay questions. Well, we'll see.

The second midterm was much better. 50 questions, all multiple choice from question sets made by the textbook manufacturer. It was easy, almost ridiculously so. It really helped that a good ten or fifteen questions were repeats, and you could find the answers in other questions. Since we don't get a lot of assignments that we're graded on in that class, I'm glad the midterm was pretty simple.

I still have a paper to complete for my Classical Art class. That's not going to be much fun. The teacher chose a random, obscure topic and did a poor job of outlining her expectations for the paper. Heck, it's like she doesn't even pay attention to what she writes - there are typos peppering the assignment sheet, including a mispelling of the author of our textbook! Even worse, she wrote the wrong date on here...a date on which our class doesn't even meet. Ridiculous.

Oh well, I just need to churn this paper out and then I'll have a chance to breathe again.