October 18th, 2011

piranha - tiny eye.

Writer's Block: Cornucopia of colors

What do you love about autumn?

Normally I'd say something about how I love that perfect autumn temperature, when the weather's never too hot or too cold...but frankly, the weather's refusing to cooperate this year. Here we are in the middle of October and it's still pretty freakin' hot here in San Jose. I mean, I could be going out every day in tank tops and shorts and I'd be pretty comfortable. What's up with that?

What I like best about autumn, though, is that everyone embraces their inner spooky side and gets into the Halloween spirit. There's no other time of year where it's OK to leave skulls on your porch and go around talking about ghosts and spirits. If you seem a little bit in love with dying and the dead, it's creepy except for this brief period of time, where it's endearingly quirky.

I feel like I also ought to be writing praises about the beauty of the changing color of the leaves or something, but let's face it. The trees are all still quite green outside.

Oh, and Pumpkin Spice drinks at Starbucks and Jamba Juice and everywhere else. I love those, and I love them even more because it means that the Peppermint-flavored mochas are just around the corner at coffee shops everywhere <3