October 21st, 2011

kid - the princess screams.

Kar Karma

Remember how I tapped that young lady's car a couple weeks back? I never did hear back from her, so I assume everything was kosher...as it should be, seeing as I barely tapped her vehicle.

Karma got me back this week, though, so I didn't quite get off scotch-free. I was turning right, on my way to Seanie's house, and the motorcyclist behind me didn't quite brake in time so he hit my car.

No damage, thank goodness. Well, not to my car...maybe a scratch, but for all I know it was already there. The fender on his bike was completely bent up, but he took it in stride. I guess there was nothing else he could do - he was at fault, but I felt bad for him all the same. I told him not to worry about it, and we went our merry ways.

Hopefully I won't have anymore little incidents this year. I mean, two in less than a month's a lot, even if nothing major happened as a result.