October 29th, 2011

piranha - rotting doll.

Halloween 2011: Carving My First Pumpkin

So when I was a kid, my dad always carved the pumpkins.  If he wasn't available, my mom would give my brother and me some markers and tell us to draw a face on the surface of the pumpkin.  As a result, I never ever ever got to carve a pumpkin.

Today, Seanie gave me a chance to do so when we decided to make a pumpkin to leave on his brother's porch on Halloween. It's part of a little feud that the brothers have going regarding an old shirt.  You can read about it here if you want. 

I cut into the pumpkin.  As you can see, we chose a fairly small fruit.  Vegetable? 
Which one is a pumpkin?
I assume fruit, because the seeds are contained inside...


The face begins to emerge...

You can see the template for the design I had in mind.

Seanie put a flashlight in the pumpkin and turned the lights out so I could see what it would look like when it was lit up.  Unfortunately, I don't have any candles here so we won't be able to have it lit when we give it to Terry.

A picture of the completed pumpkin and the dummy head that inspired it.

We're so creepy together!
It's gonna be a good Halloween!
...or at least, a good Halloween prank.