December 1st, 2011

piranha - merry christmas.


How can it be December already? I feel like this year has just gone flying by...

I can't believe this semester will be over in only another week or two.
I've got so much homework to do!

A paper was due in my Classical Art class, but I didn't finish it in time. (Truth be told, I haven't even started it.) I'll have to turn it in late and hope the professor feels merciful, I guess.

I've got to redo my drafts for my portrait essays. I also promised the professor an essay about self-portraits through the years, which I shouldn't have done but too late now.

My writing class has a draft of our final paper due Monday; revisions of the last paper will be due on Wednesday, I think. I haven't done much for that paper, either.

What am I forgetting? Surely I've forgotten something...