December 5th, 2011

piranha - fire.


For my "East Meets West" class, the final assignment is for each student to bring a potluck item. Marianna, Danielle and I decided to team up and make a big ol' batch of baklava for the class. This was largely because we couldn't think of anything else that would qualify as a food from the Silk Road trading route, but also because baklava is awesome and, according to Marianna, not that hard to make.

This was the final result:

Tasty, no?

I have to admit, baklava wasn't as hard to make as I expected.  Marianna was right.  Dough, butter, layer of nuts, more dough, butter, more nuts, and so on.  I don't know that I'd make it on my own, though  - it's not a difficult process but it's fairly labor intensive, especially if I didn't have any helpers.  But we got it done!