January 6th, 2012

piranha - tundra red.

I always get sick when it's least appropriate.

How is it that I was able to make it through all of last semester without a single sniffle, but just as I'm starting my internship with the Rosicrucian a cold comes and slams me hard? Yesterday, I was coughing and hacking like crazy. I was assigned to shadowing school tours so that I could start learning the talks we give to the students, and I pretty much spent the entire day with a cough drop stuck in a corner of my mouth so that I'd keep the coughing to a minimum. At meals I choked down pills, which may have kept me standing upright but man, I was loopy, hardly knowing my right from my left.

I was feeling so poorly that I couldn't even make it to my class, which is not good given that it is only three weeks long! I probably missed all kinds of important stuff...but I just couldn't get myself ready to go. I was too muddled in the brain and weary in the bones.

I don't think there's any way I'll be able to go back to the museum tomorrow. I'm just way too beat and in need of rest.