January 8th, 2012

rosicrucian -  egyptian dancers

Egyptian Museum & general business

Yesterday, I  was unable to make it to the Egyptian Museum for my shift.  I wanted to go - rather felt that I needed to - but between the hacking cough, sore throat and general loopiness that comes from being hopped up on twenty kinds of liquid over-the-counter medical potions, I wasn't going to be of much use to anyone.  Maybe I could lie down in an anthropoid coffin and pretend to be a mummy, but I don't think Gee (Intern Boss) would go for that.  I don't see why not.  If I'm hacking and wheezing away inside one of the mummy cases, it'll be a real sar-cough-agus!  (Ha ha ha.  Did I mention I'm a little drugged up?)

So I stayed home and rested, and it was lovely. 

Today, everything was back to the normal levels of busy.  I went to the Egyptian Museum and tried to memorize my school tour scripts about mummification and Rosetta Stones and gods and goddesses.  As time allowed, I followed Gee and the more senior interns around, watching them give talks and answer patron questions.  On my lunch, though, I had to run over to RHA and preside over a party - the joy! - for a couple of hours.  Once that was done, I went speeding back to the museum, just in time to learn closing procedures on Sundays.  Then home again, home again to study for that cursed religious controversy class.

What does not kill us makes us stronger and all that, right??