January 14th, 2012

piranha - MAC lips

Knocked two TV shows into the 'finished' bucket!

Today I finished the second season of Glee, which means that I've seen everything currently available through Netflix and that I'm therefore as caught up as I'm going to get 'til the third season is released on DVD. I have mixed feelings about the show, I think. On the one hand, I feel like the song selection has not been as good as the first season, but individual singers have been stronger. Rachel continues to sound amazing and blow me away. But as much as I love Rachel's awesome voice, it's been nice to have many of the secondary characters singing more, too. But then again, sometimes I feel like the tangled romance between Rachel-Quinn-Finn-Jesse is all too much high school drama. I must be getting old.

I also finished Rome late last month. Now that was a good TV series. I can't decide whether I ultimately liked Titus Pullo or Lucius Vorenus better. I mean, Pullo's definitely the all-around more likeable character, but Vorenus is such a tragic hero. He lacked the sunshine bounciness that always seems to get Pullo out of his darkest hour. It was also just so sad that his children never quite managed to reconcile with him. I mean, yeah, in the final scene-

(although the show's several years old now so I feel like people would have seen the end ages ago)

- his kids all gather 'round his deathbed but it seems less a realization that their father truly loves them and more like pity for a pathetic, dying man. But maybe that's just my cynical read on the situation.

I go back and forth about whether I liked the way they portrayed Cleopatra. I mean, I loved Antony - he was dead on! But Cleopatra just didn't seem right. Maybe it was simply that the girl they chose to play the role was such a tiny little waif who hardly seemed capable of seducing two of the most powerful men of her time. On the other hand, well, I think she captured something of Cleopatra's desire to cling to life and power whatever the cost, especially in Cleopatra's final days.