February 18th, 2012

rosicrucian -  egyptian dancers

Museum was crazy-busy today!

Once a month or so, the Egyptian Museum has "Mystic Weekends", during which hordes of Rosicrucians descend upon Rosicrucian Park for classes and other Order-related business. The library gets opened up - as far as I know, this is the only time the public is allowed in - and we interns are expected to go above and beyond the usual weekend talks by hosting additional tours and talks.

It's not my favorite time to work. I always seem to get some smartypants in my group who is determined to stump me with obscure questions or by spreading misinformation. For example, I had one man insist that a new dynasty started with Khufu, and that each pyramid in Giza was built by a different dynasty. Not so. Khufu (also known as Cheops) was a member of the 4th dynasty, which was started by his father Sneferu. I've never see another archaeologist dispute this. Khafre, his son, built the next pyramid. Same bloodline, same 4th dynasty. Menkaure succeeded Khafre and built the last of the three large pyramids, and again, he's 4th dynasty. But this guy just kept insisting I was wrong, and he "knew the real story". These arrogant crackpots pop up all weekend long.

I seem to be falling behind in talks, too. Adam hasn't been interning nearly as long as me, but he knows just as many of the lectures (possibly more). I've got to put more effort into learning the talks, but it's difficult because I'm usually at the museum on weekday mornings, when we only do school tours.

I'd really like to do a new talk, too. The museum has pretty much said "no" to the idea, but part of me hopes that if I put a proposal and sample talk together, they'll humor me and let me do the lecture. I don't know though. The management seems pretty set in their ways.