March 10th, 2012

now - smile.

More Photos from Bandaid's Wedding

As more and more wedding photos get posted on Facebook, I'll probably just keep cross-posting them here, so sorry guys. You'll be suffering through a lot of wedding pictures over the next week or so.  These were all taken by the bride's sister.

Here comes the bride...

Ceremony starts...

Sister of the bride and her husband

The two families

It totally looks like the mother of the bride is being led off to prison or something!
Actually, she was wearing these crazy shoes with six-inch heels, and literally couldn't walk without assistance. It was pretty funny.

Blurry bridal party.

I wish I knew what Kitty had heard to make that face.

Bandaid's hair, beneath the veil

Bride with her sister and mother. You can definitely see the family resemblance.

Oh, awkward. I got caught adjusting my dress.

Bride with her nieces.