March 12th, 2012

piranha - ophelia.

More Bandaid Wedding Photos (Sorry!)

This round of photographs come courtesy of the bride's mother. So many pictures, and I haven't even gotten the professional ones yet :D

Bandaid still in her scrubby, pre-wedding clothes. We sure looked weird with our pajamas and makeup covered shirts.

Groom and his best man waiting before the ceremony.

Mother of the bride.

Photographer getting some photos before the ceremony.

Here we are, dressed and ready to go out.

Kisses for the bride!

I think bride + father pictures are always my favorite.

I feel like I've seen these pictures so many times, but I haven't seen the professional ones yet, so I still don't know what the intended image composition is.

Bride & Groom's table

Guest tables

She was starving; she had eaten anything since 4:00 am!

Man, those dresses were pretty awesome. Looked good on chestless me AND uber-preggo Kitty!

Everyone from both families together in one photo!

The wedding was at a golf course, and there were deer everywhere.


She's pinching his cheeks! That's so cute.

Dancing <3

Me: So can we go sit down yet?
Sean: I dunno!

Apparently we were the only ones dancing. I didn't notice!