March 31st, 2012

disney - ariel facepalm

Now I know why they say, "Don't look back, You can never go back."

So one of my projects that I'm probably going to work on over the summer (because life is too crazy busy right now) is going through my old journal entries (I've been using this thing for over ten years, CRAZY!!!) and cleaning them up.  I'm not going to edit the content, but if there are broken images or links, I'll fix them up as best I can.  In the process, I'll probably C&P everything into a backup Word document, so if LJ ever goes belly-up I'll still have my journal.

At least, that was the plan.  I chose a random month and year and started looking over it.  Wow.  I sure was annoying ten years ago. A lot more cussing, a lot more complaining - if I had to pick a word for my rants I think I'd go with 'shrill'.  Not that I'm Miss Mellow or anything now, but maybe preserving that older self isn't such a good idea...