April 13th, 2012

piranha - pop hat.

Free furniture! Sweet!

One of the residents at RHA is moving out of her townhouse to an assisted living home. It's very sad, because she is an extremely sweet lady and she really, really didn't want to leave her home. But after a bad fall or an unsuccessful surgery - I don't know the details - it was simply too much for her to get around on her own anymore. So her stuff was packed up and she was shipped out.

I mention this because, sad as it is, I benefited from her misfortune. In a good way! Well, good for me. She had several pieces of furniture that couldn't be brought to her new place, so her daughter happened to ask one of my coworkers if she knew of anyone who needed furniture. My coworker, of course, knew that I was moving out of parents' home soon and immediately told me about it. I called the woman, and it turned out she was giving away two desks, a bookcase and a dresser. If I could come and get it, it was free for the taking!

The furniture was gorgeous. One of the desks and the dresser had been shipped over from Asia, back when the resident's husband was working overseas about fifty years ago. They're made of very solid, sturdy dark wood and even though they're scratched up, they still look beautiful. The other desk is a cheaper one, a computer desk made by Ikea or some other low-end furniture maker. But it's perfectly functional, and Seanie's house is so devoid of furniture that it will be useful for the time being. The bookcase, too, is functional but not exceptional.

But for free, I am delighted! The daughter said she was just happy she found a home for those pieces where "they'd be appreciated". It took Seanie and me over an hour to get the furniture out of her house and into the truck he borrowed from his brother, but we managed it.

I've officially begun my takeover of the duplex, ha ha ha!