May 13th, 2012

piranha - No!

All's Well That Ends With You Banned

Remember these dreadful brats?

I was told today by the Museum Director that those teachers and that school are banned from the museum.  Should they ever call back and try to schedule another tour, they will be told that there is nothing available for them.  Ever.

Apparently, after I had left (they were my last tour of the day, thank goodness!) the Museum Director went to the restroom.  While she was there, she heard two of the adults from her group come in and complain about me and the tour.  Specifically, they kept whining that the rules were stupid and they shouldn't have to listen to some little person like me or the Director, who shouldn't interfere in how they're raising their kids.

Oh yeah.  BANNED.

Thank goodness!  I wouldn't want any other intern to have to deal with a group like that.