May 26th, 2012

piranha - new romantic.

Not the best decision before a wedding, right?

My wedding is next Wednesday, and naturally everyone in my family wants to look their best, right?  After all, there's going to be a photographer (an expensive photographer) and these photos will be displayed all over the place.  Who knows? The pictures taken at this wedding might be the only ones left of us in one hundred years!  Mom got her hair dyed, even though she dislikes doing so.  Both she and Daddy went shopping and got brand new clothes so they would look their absolute best.

My brother, on the other hand, went and bleached his hair.  You see, Fanime is Memorial Day weekend, and he wants to cosplay as a character from an old computer game.  Apparently a suitable wig simply could not be found, and there was no way he was going to skip cosplaying just because his sister's wedding is just around the corner.

I thought that Mom might talk to him about it, but when I spoke to her a day or two ago she admitted she hadn't.  "Too much drama," she said, "he'll just get all flustered and insulted about it."

I just shrugged and said, "Well, that's my brother." Yeah, I was a little disappointed.  Didn't he want to look nice for my wedding?  Couldn't he just let his hair be the wrong color for his costume, or wait until next year to debut it?  But whatever.  He stopped listening to anything I say years and years ago. 

Seanie was not so flexible.  He got Kenny to agree to dye his hair back to dark brown or black before the ceremony, so that in the photographs he'll look more or less normal.  After all, we're paying over $1500 for our wedding pictures, and that'll probably break down to something like $25-50 per image.  At such a rate, we'd heartily prefer everyone look nice.

My brother was rather put out, but he ultimately agreed to dye his hopefully, everything will turn out fine.