July 12th, 2012

piranha - rotting doll.

Forensic Anthropology & Disneyland

Forensic Anthropology has been pretty interesting.  The professor spent the first couple of days reviewing what a forensic anthropologist does, what  a coroner is, and what the general procedure is for autopsies.  She's also covered the basic history and background of the profession of criminal investigation of death.  After she lectures for an hour or two, we're sent to the back of the classroom to handle bones.   Today we had a quiz on human vs. non-human bones.  Basically, the instructor handed out bones and we had to say whether it belonged to a person or an animal.  Some bones are pretty straightforward - no one's going to mistake a deer skull for a human one.  But long bones can be tricky, especially when you're trying to determine if one belongs to a human infant or maybe an infant-sized animal.  I'm not sure how I did.  Probably a 'B'.

After school, Jeannie and I drove down to Southern California on one of our Disney pilgrimages.  This trip was triggered by the fact that Bryan was down in Ontario (one of the small towns that makes up the metropolis of Los Angeles) for a theater convention, and we were welcome to use his hotel room. Free hotel?  DONE. But as we were getting close to Ontario, we began to panic - we were an hour away and we still didn't know the name of the hotel.  Bryan wasn't responding to texts or phone calls.  We were half an hour away and  we only knew that it was 'near the airport'.  It was so confusing, and a little frustrating - OK, so we were freeloading a hotel room and beggars can't be choosers, but if someone makes an offer it would be really nice if they'd be so kind as to tell you where to go!

FINALLY, after what must have been the 10th call, he answered and told us the name of the hotel, which Jeannie was able to use get directions to via the magic of smart phones.  We get to the hotel and Bryan isn't there.  He's still at Disneyland, but he promises he's on his way back.  So we wait.  And we wait.  It's not like we can do anything else!  Bear in mind that it is really freakin' late - probably about 1:00 am at this point. (I backdated the LJ entry, in case anyone pays attention to the internal logic of my journal entries.  I doubt anyone even notices these things.)  Finally, he gets back and we can go to sleep.

After all, tomorrow is Disneyland...