July 19th, 2012

piranha - it was a sorry place.

Why is trashy, stupid reality TV so addictive?

This summer cold is ridiculous!  It leaves me feeling lethargic and muggy in the head, so I can't read or study or write.  Instead, I've been watching a lot of TV on Netflix...but not even good TV.

I've been watching Hoarders and Pawn Stars for the train wreck value.  I mean, they're both terrible shows - but for very different reasons. 

With Hoarders, I'm just appalled at these people who let trash build up for weeks and months and years and live in these terrifyingly unhealthy environments.  It's clearly a mental illness for these people, and when one of them really tries to 'get better' you want to cheer for them and applaud.  But so many of them aren't able to change in the short period of time provided by the show.  One episode I watched featured a woman who was clearly going through some sort of major depression that kept her from wanting to do anything - clean, work, etc. It was a struggle for the psychiatrist to do anything with her, and you knew by the three-quarter point that there was no way this was going to make any lasting change on her. 

Pawn Stars doesn't have the "Wow your life SUCKS!" factor - I'm just horrified by how unhealthy the main characters look.  Specifically, every time I see "Big Hoss" waddle across the screen, all I can think is, "You are the same age as me (younger, since the episodes are a couple of years old now) and you look like a bloated Jabba the Hutt!"  Plus, he's so rude to his dad and his grandfather.  It disgusts me.  I've only watched three or four episodes; I wonder if it gets better later on?  I hope so!  His friend Chumlee is gross, too.  I just so badly want them to go out and get healthy, but they look as if they go straight to the bar whenever they finish a shift and the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.