September 21st, 2012

piranha - violently blue.

I saw the space shuttle Endeavour!

This morning, the space shuttle Endeavour flew over my work on its way to Los Angeles, where it'll be displayed at the California Science Center. I was excited that a piece of history would be flying over the Bay Area, but I was also bummed out because I knew there was no way I'd be able to leave work to scout out a good location to watch the shuttle pass. But I went out the entrance of the office building and stood on the top of the steps, scanning the skies in hopes that I'd be able to at least glimpse the spaceship.

(One of the Board members came by and razzed me because he was certain I wouldn't be able to see a thing.)

Luckily, the sky was crystal clear and a brilliant blue, so that the white shuttle popped out of the background as it flew overhead. It was small on the horizon, but I could clearly see Endeavour riding on the back of a larger plane. It's amazing to think that the planes we fly in for commercial travel is so much bigger than the vehicle we send into freakin' SPACE. Over the shuttle, but close by, a fighter jet was flying too. The plane looked like it was ascending higher, after it had dipped closer to the ground so that it could be seen clearly from Moffett Field in Mountain View.

It was so, so cool! I just wish my photo (taken with my iPod) was better.