October 4th, 2012

disney - ariel voice

Disney helps you make new friends! Right?

So about a month ago, I wandered into my California Architecture classroom and happened to notice that the girl sitting next to me was looking at pictures of Disney pins on her laptop. Wanting to be friendly, I asked her, "Ooo! Are those the new designs for the hidden Mickey pins?" She replied in the affirmative, and I mentioned that I collected pins and was really excited about the new villain ones. I did say that I'd be going to the park later in September to see the Halloween decorations, and she told me that she'd be going down later in the fall, too. She didn't seem particularly interested in continuing the conversation, so I stopped bothering her and forgot all about it.

Today, I got to class a little early because there was a midterm. The girl came up to me and said, in a super excited voice, "So tell me all about your trip to Disneyland! How were the decorations? Did you get any good pins?" and we proceeded to chatter and chirp like two very annoying birds. I was totally surprised that she'd remembered the previous conversation, let alone remembered it clearly enough to follow up after so much time had passed. But it was nice to talk about Carsland and Maleficent and pin-trading instead of worrying about which missions had been built during which set of years. We ended up exchanging emails because I had a pin that she wanted, so she was going to try to find some of the pins I'm collecting for me during her trip.

Totally random, no?