November 22nd, 2012

piranha - a wicked shade of pale.

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning we went over to my parent's house.  We didn't do much, really, but I did make my parents watch Brave because I thought that they would enjoy the movie.  I think that my dad was amused, but my mom seemed a little bored.  My brother had a whole rant worked up about how the movie was bad because the female director had been fired for focusing on the mother-daughter relationship, or some such nonsense.  i found it amusing that he could work up the energy to be so upset about a movie he hadn't even seen.  I think that when we watched the film he actually liked it.

In the evening we were with Sean's family.  His nephews are pretty cute.  They're running around now and getting into trouble.  I spent much of the evening helping Arlo play with the Buckley pinball machine.  It's funny - once the kids figure out which uncles/aunts can be suckered into doing things for them, they'll pay attention to them.  But once that adult is no longer useful the twins drop 'em like a hot pan.