December 10th, 2012

piranha - blowing smoke.

Eat, drink, and take a final exam!

It's the last day of classes at SJSU. It's my last day of classes as an undergrad. Wow.

This morning we had a "Middle Eastern Breakfast" party in my Art of Egypt class. (Since I have no idea what constitutes Middle Eastern food, I went to a local bakery that sells Persian sweets and asked them for an assortment of cookies. I think the owner was amused by the look of complete confusion on my face - she was even nice enough to write down the names and main ingredients of each cookie for me.) There was so much food to eat. Hummus, various kinds of breads, fresh fruit, dates, and even a sort of stew that someone had hauled to class in a crockpot. (I hope for her sake she lives in the dorms so that she didn't have to carry it far!) While we ate, one of the professor's former students gave a presentation about linen and how the Egyptians would have manufactured and used it. It was pretty interesting, and a nice way to end the semester after the stress of getting the paper turned in that morning.

I also had a final today in my Art of China class. Technically, we were supposed to have a regular class session, but I guess the professor had either run out of things to talk about or didn't feel like coming back to campus for our proper final time slot, because he just told us to come in and write an essay from a list of predetermined questions. I wrote about the art of China during the Ming dynasty, focusing on painting and ceramics (of course!) and after writing several pages went home quite early to continue working on tomorrow's Lagerfeld presentation.