December 16th, 2012

piranha - pearly whites.

This sucks.

Indulge my whining for a moment.

I had a paper to finish today, and it's rather urgent.  In preparation, I asked Janelle to cover me at work, but unfortunately she got a killer migraine so she wasn't really able to work.  She asked my boss if we could close the office early, citing a health emergency, but she was shot down: boss said either she had to stay, or I had to come in.

This no mercy policy totally sucks.

Well, I couldn't leave Janelle suffering at the office, so I agreed to come in.  Now I'm trying to work on this paper, but instead of being comfortable in pajamas at home, I've got to keep half an eye out in case someone comes into the office for something work-related.

I guess I should just be grateful that I can do homework while I'm here, but it still stinks.