December 29th, 2012

disney - ariel facepalm

Gotta love work sometimes...!

Yesterday, the Internet went down at work.  I tried restarting and resetting all the equipment and spent a lot of time on the phone with Comcast, trying to get the problem fixed.  Nothing worked.  I was looking at the very real possibility that I would be spending the weekend without a viable Internet connection - which to my very modern brain was simply unthinkable.  What on earth would I do with myself?

Unfortunately, the maintenance supervisor didn't think it necessary for me to get a technician in since most of my work can be done off-line, so I wasn't allowed to call one of our IT guys in.

This morning, my boss told me to schedule an IT guy to come in the first day we were open after New Year's.  I called to make the appointment, and was given two options: pay extra for an emergency after-hours visit, or take the first available appointment, which would be on Thursday.  I texted my boss the options, since I wasn't sure which one she'd prefer.

"GET THEM IN THERE NOW" was her response.  Funny, when it was just me that was affected, the technician response could wait until the next business day.  However, once her Internet access was going to be impacted, it was an urgent matter that needed immediate resolution.

Gotta love being the boss!