January 6th, 2013

piranha - ice.

Consumer Electronics Show is here!

This week is CES, the annual consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas.  Every year, vendors trot out all the fancy new gadgets and gizmos to impress and amaze the press, who turn right around and pass the wonder on to  consumers.  I think.  I've never actually paid the slightest attention to this trade show, but my husband assures me it's just HUGE and IMPORTANT.  I believe him, because the blog that he works for sends virtually the entire staff to the show to ensure they cover everything important.

I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity for me.  Seanie would go to Vegas for work, and I could tag along and use his company-paid hotel room and spend several days roaming the city by myself.  Since I'm not in school and my job's flexible, it coudl work, right?   But Seanie botched my plans by volunteering for the skeleton home crew.  So this week he'll be working from home instead of Las Vegas, and I'll be right here alongside him instead of touring the Strip.

It isn't as if Seanie gets off easy.  He still has to work virtually all hours with the rest of his team.  But at least he's in the comfort of his own office using his own computer set-up instead of hunched over his laptop in a press room with all the sweaty, un-showered members teammates. 

But man, I would have had fun in Las Vegas!