January 24th, 2013

piranha - envy but for the lashes.

Color is hard.

Two more class sessions have come and gone, and my oil painting has been given some color:

The biggest problem that I've found is that the props don't get put in exactly the same place each time.  I mean, the teacher places them approximately in the same place, but the table might be shifted half a centimeter, and each piece might be a few millimeters off.  I also have to move my easel into position every time, and finding that sweet spot where my stuff was positioned in the previous class is tough!  The cumulative effect is that the way the light reflects shifts, changing the patterns on the ceramic surfaces.  Thus, the huge difference in the shadows on the purple mug when compared to the underpainting.

I've got one more week to work on this piece.  Hopefully I can whip it into shape by next Thursday!