February 4th, 2013

piranha - fire.

Well, at least one of my bosses backed me up!

So Saturday's resident did, in fact, call in to complain.  Mike already knew about the situation, thanks to an e-mail he'd received complaining about the children at the party. 

The first time she called, I picked up the phone.  We had the following conversation:
Me: Thank you for calling RHA, this is Suzi.
Resident: Hi, is [my boss] in?
Me: No, but I can put you through to voicemail if you like-
Resident: I wanted to complain about the little girl who worked during my party, she was terrible. Who was that?
Me: That was me.
Resident: No, I've met you and you're nice, it was someone else-
Me: Nope, still me.
Resident: Well, then you were very rude! I will talk to [boss] about you!

OK, little girl?  What the hell?  Anyway, so about half an hour later, the CEO comes back from his lunch.  I tell him that she called, and he decides to take care of the situation so he calls her back.  I didn't want to eavesdrop, so I stayed at my desk, but I could hear snippets of the conversation on his end:

CEO: "Yes, children do count toward the number of people...no, we aren't going to charge you...she was just following the policy, [my boss] did not communicate that to her so she was doing her job correctly...CHILDREN ARE PEOPLE, TOO!...I've been reading complaints from other residents all morning..." and so on.

In the end, he comes out and says everything's fine, but there is one odd thing: she's still insisting that I wasn't the rude one, but some "little Asian girl".

Nope, it was still me, and I was just doing my job. Crazy lady.