February 11th, 2013

piranha - coming up roses.

My husband got me a new laptop - woohoo!

My laptop's been giving me problems lately.  Sometimes, when I try to turn it on in the morning, the machine will boot up by the screen remains black and blank.  This happens when the laptop is completely off and when it's 'waking up' from sleep mode.   This was bad enough, but I could live with it - I'd just keep trying to boot it up until the computer screen lit up.  Unfortunately, the screen also started randomly shutting off when I was using it.  I'd be typing an entry for Livejournal, or reading Facebook updates, and poof! - the screen would go black, and the only thing I could do to bring it back would be to shut the computer off completely, losing whatever work was in progress.

These failures were happening with shorter intervals between them, so I begged Seanie to help me find a replacement laptop.  He went ahead and bought me a new Samsung laptop.  It's not a fancy or powerful computer - it's pretty much good for typing, surfing the web, and...well, that's it, really.  But what else do I need a computer for, really?  It's the first time I've ever had a brand new computer, so it's terribly exciting.  I joke with him that it's his Valentine's Day present to me, but I'll probably end up paying him back after my next paycheck.  (At least partially - although it was an inexpensive machine, it's still more than he ought to spend on a V-Day present.)

But yay!  I'm excited to have such a shiny new toy to play with.