February 12th, 2013

now - in shadow.

A couple of concept sketches for a self-portrait

My oil painting class has moved on from still lifes to self-portraits.  My teacher has given us quite a bit of freedom on this second painting - as long as it's a self-portrait, he doesn't really care what else we do.  It can be an "introspective inner landscape" if we can explain it later, or it can be a traditional Renaissance-style portrait if someone wants to take on the challenge.  Me?  I think I'll go with something a little looser.

I've been trying to decide on a composition and how I want to color it.  Yesterday, I messed around with pastels a little:

Yes, yes, I know that doesn't look like me.  I wasn't trying for accuracy so much as just experimenting with color and how to depict light.  I'm not Matisse, but I do think I like the idea of working with some green in the face.

For composition, I'm thinking of something along the lines of this sketch:

Detailed sketching and shading for the face and arm, but perhaps I will leave the hair largely unfinished except for a few broad strokes.  I like the looseness of it -  but I suppose it will depend how it ultimately looks in paint, which after all works very differently from vine charcoal.  We'll see