March 3rd, 2013

piranha - elegant chic.

Sometimes the residents are simply lovely.

A resident is having a bridal shower today.

Husband of Resident: Be sure to get a glass of champagne from them - they always give one to [my boss]!
Me: OK.

They have their shower and it is lovely. The wife gives me a bag of shortbread cookies, so I'm happy as a clam. When she follows up with a small plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and cake pops, I'm happy as FIVE clams.

Husband: Did you get your champagne?
Me: No, but I am happy!
Husband: But you need your champagne! You must insist on these things!
Me: Oh...but it's OK!

A few minutes pass. The husband returns.

Husband: Here's your glass of champagne!

And he plops this on my desk: