March 24th, 2013

bath & body works - c.o. bigelow

A rather busy sort of day

I met up with with K and Au for lunch today at Shabuway in Saratoga, and had shabu shabu in a restaurant for the first time.  Delicious!  There's something extremely comforting about gathering around a big pot of broth and just tossing in vegetables and meat  to eat as you please.  If preparation wasn't so much work, I imagine it'd be something Seanie and I would want to take up in the evening.  But it was so much fun to get caught up with the girls - I hadn't seen Au since the end of last fall semester at SJSU, and now that K's at her new job I rarely see her, too.

Afterwards, I went over to my parents' house for a while and messed around with my paints.  I wanted to paint a small 8" x 8" canvas with acrylics, just for practice, but I never managed to get the underdrawing to look right so eventually I got mad, tried to erase it, and got lead smears all over the canvas.  In frustration I dumped a ton of cheap white paint onto the canvas and smeared it around until the surface was reasonably smooth and left it to dry.  I'll try again next time.

I also went to a Catholic mass this evening, since I didn't make it to a morning church service and it just seemed wrong to skip out on church on Palm Sunday.  I mean, if I'd been working that'd be one thing, but since I wasn't, I had to go somewhere.  When I got there, I was directed into the gym (the church is also a parochial school) where I picked up some palm leaves to hold onto throughout the service.  After the priest prayed and blessed the fronds with holy water, he led us into the church building in a little procession.  Once everyone was seated, the main service began.  When the time came for the Eucharist, I saw a lot of people leaving - I wasn't sure whether I should stay to the end of the service or not, since I can't partake of the bread and wine.  (Catholics ask that Protestants not join them in communion.)  I ended up sticking 'round, because the old lady at the end of my pew didn't get up for communion and I didn't want to try and crawl over her, since she was very frail-looking, but I think that if she hadn't been there, I would have taken off.