May 2nd, 2013

rosicrucian -  egyptian dancers

I dropped acrylic painting.

After hemming and hawing over the class for the last week, I've decided to drop my acrylic painting class.  The class is fun, but there are two factors that make taking it right now a rather poor idea:
1. Travels: I missed two classes because of my trip to Chicago, and when I go to Alaska I would miss four more.  That's at least one critique, possibly two.  It was going to have a negative impact on my grade - don't want that!

2. Heat: It's been freakin' hot this week, and this affects the paint.  I would squeeze some acrylic paint out of the tube, mix some water in, and start painting...only to have the paint dry out long before I finished.  I know that I can buy retarders to slow this drying process, and I may do that for my own practice.  But I'm a slow painter, and if it's frustrating me this much when I'm only working on a small 9" x 12" painting I know it's really gonna bother me when I move on to a larger canvas.

I'll have to make sure to paint on my own, just to keep the skills going, but I won't be doing it in an official class.