June 18th, 2013

now - cuddlypoo.

I hope this newbie is a keeper!

I had to train yet another new person today for the office. (I've lost track of how many young women have come through here this year – at least half a dozen, probably closer to ten since the beginning of this year.) Finally, we managed to find one that I like!

Teri is pretty cool. Like Rebecca and me, she went to SJSU and got a degree from the art department. She graduated a few years before us, just as the economy was slumping, and has had a bit of trouble finding a job in her field so she's been temping. She'll be working weekend evenings and miscellaneous shifts here at RHA.

My boss has been joking that she's found a “type” that works for the Club Assistant position – Asian artists from SJSU. It's a little funny, but it also seems to be true. Teri is much quicker on the ball than some of the previous temps sent by her agency, and she definitely seems like she'll be able to keep herself amused on those quiet evenings when no one is around.

I do hope she sticks around.