June 27th, 2013

piranha - No!

A real museum internship???


I turned on my laptop this morning to do some last minute Googling before Seanie and I ran off on a weekend camping trip to Mt. Lassen, and nestled among the usual sales promotions and book publishing newsletters was an e-mail offering me an internship at the Anasazi State Park Museum.

My jaw dropped to the floor.  I applied for this internship months ago, back in March, and although I had gotten a brief reply asking if I would be interested in an internship later in the year, I didn't have any other communication with the museum since so I assumed I was long out of the running.  And now, here it was, a job offer.  Sure, it's a temporary position - only an internship.  But it's paid and housing is provided and it's a museum full of Native American artifacts.  Of course I want the internship!

But I can't help be nervous.  It isn't this easy, right?  I mean, I haven't interviewed with anybody!  Sure, I sent them two recommendation letters, and that surely helped, but it seems like it shouldn't be possible to get a position without a single interview.

But on the other hand, this would be the weirdest scam ever.

I've got to get on to Mt. Lassen, but I quickly shot an e-mail back saying, yes, I was surely interested and I can definitely start in August.