August 23rd, 2013

piranha - obviously everything is fine.

Yup, I'm just takin' the initiative for wanton destruction!

At the museum, we needed to get electricity to one of the exhibits. My boss suggested running an extension cord under the carpet. He gets a screwdriver and starts tearing up the carpet, which was conveniently laid out in squares so it's pretty easy to move. A local comes in to talk to him, so he leaves, and I take over ripping up the carpet. He comes back about ten minutes later.

Boss: I'm so impressed that you went ahead and got the cord lined up already!
Me: Yup. I'm good at destruction. Ripping up the carpet? Not a problem.
Boss: Good!
Me: Putting it back together, though...not so good with that.

He went home and got some carpet glue, and we glued the carpet back down and put stacks of heavy books and park-related pamphlets on top.

Me: Now all we need is a flag for this fort we made!