August 28th, 2013

piranha - pop hat.

A Tour Bus

I was just getting ready to leave for my lunch break today when a bus pulled into the museum's parking lot.  I didn't want to leave Yuki by herself, but I was also hungry, so I waited a moment to see how many people were on the bus.  As I watched, a stream of elderly women came pouring out of the coach.  I lost count after the first fifty, but the bus didn't even look half-empty so I dodged back into the museum to help out.

It turns out that there were ninety women on the bus, and they only had two destinations in mind:
1. The Bathroom, which has just three stalls
2. The Gift Shop which has just one register

After they paid the admission price, a small part of the group wandered off to look at exhibits or see the Anasazi ruins, but the vast majority started grabbing t-shirts and earrings and postcards.  I stood facing one end of the counter while Yuki faced the other, and we switched off on the register as we rushed to get presents for grandchildren purchased and answer questions about the area, about the Anasazi, and the history of Boulder.

And then suddenly, after about an hour, they were gone.  It was like a great wind had swept through and whisked all the grandmothers away.  I went off to stuff my face, because I was now ravenous, and when I got back Yuki had gotten the gift shop straightened up once more.

"So is that...normal?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Oh yes," she nodded, straightening a glass case of necklaces as she spoke, "We get many buses like that in September and October!"

I've often wondered where the museum gets the funding to push through the winter, when it's excruciatingly slow, but if every tour bus is as hectic as this one, then a month is all that it would take to make the money to cover winter staffing needs!