September 14th, 2013

kid - i cannot keep it in my  mouth.

Awesome trip coming up!

It looks like I'll be visiting an elementary school outside of Bryce Canyon next week to do a presentation about the Anasazi for the local fourth graders.  Although I haven't quite nailed down exactly what I'll be doing, I will briefly outline the Anasazi in Southern Utah (maybe talk about the museum for a bit) and then take the kids outside to play with an atlatl.

The reason I'm so excited about this trip is not the small children, although I'm sure they'll be delightful.  What I look forward to is exploring Bryce Canyon.  Admission to the park is so pricey that Seanie and I decided not to do it while he was out here, but if I'm in the area for four days, $25 doesn't seem quite as unreasonable.

Plus, it looks like I won't have to pay for lodging while I'm out there.  Kodachrome Basin State Park is about forty-five minutes from Bryce, and my boss at the museum called and asked if I could stay at one of the campsites.  The folks at Kodachrome said it wouldn't be a problem, so woohoo!  I'm not crazy about roughing it in my tent, but if it saves me a decent chunk of change then I'll do it - no problemo!