October 5th, 2013


An attempt at levity gone awry...

It's a very busy day at the museum.  Four tour buses - none of them scheduled - came through, as well as a steady stream of normal visitors.  We have a lull, though, so I'm making small talk with a French couple at the front desk:

Woman: Your museum is lovely, and we're glad we came, but it's so disappointing that we can't go to Bryce and Zion.
Me: I do feel awful for visitors like you, to come so far and not be able to visit the national parks.  It's like...going to Paris and being unable to visit a single art museum!
Woman: Actually...
Me: ???
Woman: A few years ago, we went to Paris, but there was some sort of strike and none of the museums were open to the public.
Me: You're kidding!
Woman: We were so mad!  We have never gone back to Paris!!
Another visitor: You poor people!  You have the worst timing EVER!
Woman: I know!